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"The Goodman” (Small Dimple Replica Golf Ball)


"The Goodman" small dimple replica golf ball is a playable replica of the “inverted bramble” or dimple ball patented by William Taylor in 1908. The inverted round dimples had a longer, higher ball flight and stayed cleaner than the bramble ball. Spalding used this pattern for many of its golf ball lines starting in 1914 including the Spalding Dot.

Johnny Goodman was both the last amateur to win the US Open and the last to win while playing with hickory clubs. The dimple ball was the immediate precursor to all modern golf ball patterns.

"The Goodman" is a 55 compression ball that is approved for all classic (1900 - 1935 era) hickory golf events. 


Ball Size: 

1.68 in

Ball Weight: 

1.62 ozs

Historical Period: 

c. 1905-1935

Personalization Available:
Interested in customizing one of these balls with a company logo or a personal mark? Check out our custom balls for more details.

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