Rick Woeckener Testimonial

I have been using the Ouimet ball since it first came out and have found it a very good ball for play with hickory clubs, particularly with authentic clubs.  Recently I tried the new JH Taylor mesh ball suring the Gearhart Hickory Classic held in July.  The ball performed very well.  I found it has excellent distance for all the clubs in my set, and being a softer ball, really has outstanding feel around the greens and for puttting.  Being a competitive player, performance in the ball I use in competition is very important, and I can highly recommend the new JH Taylor ball to any hickory player looking for exceptiona feel and obviously the look which matches the clubs we use wonderfullyAny player who has never used these balls , do yourself a favor and give them an honest try and compare them to the modern ball you have been using.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how the JH Taylor ball matches up.  

Rick Woeckener

2 time US Hickory Open champion

2 time Mid-Pines champion

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