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Gift Boxes (Mixed Replica Golf Ball Sets)


Our popular Mixed Ball Gift Boxes are a great way to order a variety of our replica golf balls for a great price. Your order will arrive in a 12-Ball Gift Box with each ball individually hand-wrapped, making them great for gifts. The Par set of balls is packaged in a traditional sleeve and is not wrapped. The Ryder Cup Set is packaged in two sleeves.

IF you would like a custom set of 3 balls email me at

We are currently offering these pre-made sets:

MGC Eagle Set ($125):

(3) The "Park" Line-cut Gutta Percha
(3) Vardon Gutta Percha
(3) JH Taylor Soft Mesh Pattern Modern Ball
(3) Goodman Small Dimple Modern Ball

MGC Birdie Set ($70):

(3) Brown Line-cut Modern Ball
(3) Vardon Modern Ball
(3) Goodman Small Dimple Modern Ball
(3) JH Taylor Soft Mesh Pattern Modern Ball

MGC Par Set ($18):

(1) JH Taylor Soft Mesh Pattern Modern Ball
(1) Vardon Bramble Modern Ball
(1) Brown Line-cut Modern Ball

MGC Ryder Cup Set ($62):

(1) each of JH Taylor, Goodman, Brown, Vardon modern, Vardon gutta and Park line cut


Ball Size: 


Ball Weight: 


Historical Period: 


Personalization Available:

Interested in customizing one of these balls with a company logo or a personal mark? Check out our custom balls for more details. Send images or text to  If questions call me at +1.402.305.1773.

    Mix & Match:

    To request a gift-box that contains a mix of our golf-balls not listed above, please email me at or see our custom orders page.

    If you are looking for something smaller, try our single golf ball boxes.

    Golf Ball Type:

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