Rob Birman Testimonial

"I've been playing the McIntyre Ouimet ball for the past year and find it to be the most consistent ball from tee to green for hickory golf.  It is safe and appropriate for my 1920 woods and 1915 iron set, and I've found no noticeable loss in distance through my entire set from my former ball, Bridgestone's dual-dimple e6 (80 compression).  I find the Ouimet model easy to keep clean with a damp towel and it putts like a dream.  I especially value the sound of the ball off the face of my clubs and the responsive feel from the hickory shafts.  Many avid vintage players now make this ball their only choice and I'm proud to see that some international events are now including the Ouimet model as one of only a few santioned balls for hickory match play competition.  This is a high quality product with a comperable weight and apperance to modern counterparts.  Bravo, McIntyre Golf!

Robert Birman
co-founder, NW Hickory Players

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