Chris McIntyre had a vision of producing vintage reproduction balls for hickory play.  His vision now lives on in the McIntyre Golf Co.  We moved the production facility to Omaha, NE in 2013, expanding our capacity and ability to bring new balls to the hickory player.  Dave Brown is the owner and manager. 

Please feel free to contact Dave by

email at 

phone at +1.402.305.1773 

address: 16711 Elm Circle, Omaha, NE   68130-2052.

We will continue to strive to provide the best classic golf balls for play, souvenir or logo use.  We receive questions from new hickory players about which ball is best for hickory play.  

For CLASSIC hickory events (1920's era), use the JH TAYLOR mesh pattern ball or the GOODMAN small dimple ball.  Each is a replica of the most popular styles of the 1910's to 1930's. The BROWN and VARDON modern ball are also designed for 1920's hickory play.

For GUTTA PERCHA (pre-1900) events use the Park or Braid. Some events also allow the Vardon limited flight.  Please verify with the gutta tournament director regarding golf ball approval as this may change on an annual basis.  Typically the Park is required for Open division and the Braid or Vardon limited flight are allowed for other divisional play.

Chris McIntyre will continue to be the leading provider of rental hickory clubs for events.  He provides both 1920's era clubs and 1890's era clubs for rent.  Please check out his new website at