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"The Brown" (Line Cut Pattern Modern Replica Golf Ball)


"The Brown" line cut golf ball is a playable modern replica of the ball David (Deacon) Brown would have used to win the 1886 Open Championship at Musselburgh.  Although this ball can certainly be played, it is also a superb souvenir or gift ball.  It accepts logos very well and has a clean, classic look that your friends and customers will long remember.

This ball is made from the same molds we use for the Braid limited flight ball and the Park gutta percha ball. 


Ball Size: 


Ball Weight: 


Historical Period: 

1850-1905 replica

Personalization Available:

Interested in customizing one of these balls with a company logo or a personal mark? Check out our custom balls for more details. Send images or text to  If questions call me at +1.402.305.1773.


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