McIntyre Golf Balls Approved for SOHG Play

The McIntyre Golf Company’s traditional golf ball lines of the Victor 1920s era ball and our “Park” Percha ball have always been approved for SOHG play. The new RTJ small dimple ball and Ouimet mesh ball are also approved for  SOHG play.  

The Braid limited flight gutta replacement ball (due out in July) is being evaluated by Gutta Percha tournament directors for tournament play.  We will let you know when and if the Braid is approved for tournament play.  The Greenbrier Resort (the new owners of Oakhurst) is using our Braid limited flight model for golfers on the Oakhurst course.  Since the re-opening of the Oakhurst course, they have been very excited about the performance characteristics and lower cost of the Braid ball compared to the traditional Park Gutta Percha ball.

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