Kingarrock Hickory Golf

I recently played Kingarrock, a delightful 9 hole hickory only course outside of St. Andrews. It is an easy 15 minute drive to the course from St.Andrews.

Originally built in 1924 it reminds me of a sophisticated Oakhurst. The venue is a part of the Hill of Tarvit mansion, owned and run by the National Trust of Scotland.  The fairway grasses are long (a bit longer than the first cut of a modern course and the greens run very similar to Oakhurst at about a 5.  The rough is knee high and consists of grasses and wildflowers (blooming from spring to late summer).  Although only 2022 yards long, it plays longer due to many uphill holes and the long fairway grass.  Hitting straight off the tee is essential due to the high rough.  

Your day begins with a history of the course, info on hickory golf (for those who are playing hickory for the first time) and a brief outline of the course itself.  For those without prior hickory experience your are given a bag of suitable clubs and can purchase our JH Taylor balls.  A small hitting area adjacent to the golf house allows for practice.   

 After golf you are treated to ginger beer and shortbread biscuits and a desire to come back on your next trip. David Allen, the current manager was a superb host. 

I think Kingarrock would be an excellent location for a fun 1920's hickory event or perhaps a gutta percha tournament (think World Gutta Percha Championship).

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