McIntyre Golf Company

The “Park”
line cut
gutta percha
c. 1850-1905

The “Braid”
line cut
limited flight
c. 1850-1905

The “Vardon”
gutta percha
c. 1898-1905

The “Ouimet”
pattern replica
c. 1905-1930

The “JH Taylor”
mesh replica
c. 1912-1930

The “Goodman”
dimple replica
c. 1908-1935

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Below are some links we recommend for those wanting to learn more about hickory golf and other related topics.
The Society of Hickory Golfers serves as a central body to assist members who desire to play hickory golf. It holds tournaments, hosts a service to establish a hickory handicap, hosts equipment standards for hickory play and provides a list of upcoming hickory tournament schedules.
Website of Chris McIntyre. Hickory clubs for rent for your club events. 80 sets are available, including both 1920's era and pre-1900 gutta percha era clubs.
The Golf Collectors Society

The British Golf Collectors Society.  Great site for information on events and collecting.
The Hickory Golf Association
The United States Golf Association
Tad Moore Golf Company. Reproduction hickory clubs and custom putters and wedges

Makers of fine handcrafted canvas and leather golf bags and accessories
The Louisville Golf Company. Reproduction hickory clubs, fine persimmon steel shafted clubs
Website of the European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors.
In my opinion, simply the best plus fours one can buy. Made in the USA

Japan source for hickory golf clubs and equipment, including McIntyregolf golf balls

Asia source for hickory golf clubs and equipment, including McIntyre golf balls

UK source for hickory golf clubs and equipment, including McIntyre golf balls  Golf Now. This site allows you to book tee times across the US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and Mexico, as well as offer special golfing discounts and promotions.

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