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The “Ouimet”

Our playable “Ouimet”  firm mesh pattern ball was patented by Albert Penfold of the East India Rubber Company in 1912. This pattern became the favorite of many leading professionals into the 1920s. The most famous model became the Dunlop Maxfli, first made in 1919 after Penfold was lured to Dunlop.

This 50 compression ball is approved for all classic (1900 - 1935 era) hickory golf events.  It is a firmer cover ball which plays well in warm weather.  If you like a softer feel or play in cooler conditions, you may prefer the new JH Taylor mesh ball (to be introduced later this month).

Interested in customizing this ball with a company logo or a personal mark? See our Customization Page for more details.


Ball Size:

1.68 in

Ball Weight:

1.62 ozs

Historical Period:

c. 1905-1930

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