McIntyre Golf Company

The “Park”
line cut
gutta percha
c. 1850-1905

The “Braid”
line cut
limited flight
c. 1850-1905

The “Vardon”
gutta percha
c. 1898-1905

The “Ouimet”
pattern replica
c. 1905-1930

The “JH Taylor”
mesh replica
c. 1912-1930

The “Goodman”
dimple replica
c. 1908-1935

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Gift Boxes (Dozen-Ball Sets)

Gift Boxes (Dozen-Ball Sets)

When ordering our golf balls, you can have them pacakged in a specialized gift-box. Each ball is hand-wrapped and placed inside the box, making them great for gifts. To order a complete 12-Ball Gift Box, click the desired product below:

  • "The Park" (Line Cut Gutta Percha
  • "The JH Taylor" (Soft Mesh Pattern Replica)-  OUT OF STOCK
  • "The Goodman" (Small Dimple Replica)-  OUT OF STOCK
  • Mixed golf balls gift wrapped (see below)

To request a gift-box that contains a mix of our golf-balls, please see our custom orders page.

If you are looking for something smaller, try our single golf ball boxes listed under golf balls on the home page.


Ball Size:


Ball Weight:


Historical Period:


  • The Park - Gift Box
  • The Goodman - Gift Box
    The Goodman - Gift Box
  • The Ouimet - Gift Box
  • The JH Taylor - Gift Box
    The JH Taylor - Gift Box