McIntyre Golf Company

The “Park”
line cut gutta percha
c. 1850-1905

The “Braid”
line cut limited flight
c. 1850-1905

The “Vardon”
bramble gutta percha
c. 1898-1905

The “Ouimet”
mesh pattern replica
c. 1905-1930

The “RTJ”
small dimple replica
c. 1908-1935

Latest News

Oct 13, 2013

McIntyre Golf is developing a limited flight ball for use with pre-1900 golf clubs. Although we love the gutta percha ball for its history and its... Read More

Jun 5, 2013

I would like to take this time to thank many of you who have offered encouragement, comments and mentoring advice as I have taken on this new... Read More

Apr 26, 2013

The McIntyre Golf Company’s traditional golf ball lines of the Victor 1920s era ball and our “Park” Percha ball have always been approved for SOHG... Read More

Apr 23, 2013

Watch our site in the future for specialty balls that we will produce approximately once per quarter. These will... Read More